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Patrick Leyland is one of Australia’s leading political digital campaigners. He’s run and worked on digital campaigns right across Australia and New Zealand and is constantly on the cutting edge of data-driven marketing.




Facebook & Instagram marketing
Web development
Content strategy
Data cleaning, transformation and analytics
Data-driven digital marketing


Effective digital campaigning has become largely about three key tranches.

  • The ability to manage and manipulate large data sets of voter information.
  • The ability to use that data to optimise digital media buying across multiple channels.
  • The ability to create and optimise creative to suit a broader campaign strategy and persuade and mobilise voters.

Patrick is one of the only people I have worked with in the commercial or campaign space to have deep knowledge across all three of these areas. During the 2016 Federal Election Campaign, he quickly became the key figure in driving a data driven digital campaign that was lauded as hugely successful both within the party and across broader media coverage.

Patrick was responsible for selecting and managing audiences across 150 seats and several demographic and behavioural segments. His ability to manipulate and manage data allowed the campaign to run hundreds of different targeted ad-sets across multiple channels.

On top of this he took on responsibility for video editing and copy writing across the advertising materials for these ad sets. Managing the targeted tone of voice for hundreds of different segments.

Much attention has been specifically paid to the role of Facebook in modern campaigning and Patrick is among the most deeply knowledgeable Facebook campaigners in the country, having been in charge of optimisation for a seven-figure budget over an eight week period.

This skill set makes him the ideal person to handle the end to end delivery of a digital campaign and thus I would have full confidence in his ability to make a substantial difference to the success of any campaign project, regardless of the resources and skills of the team involved.


Tim Doyle

Head of Strategy & Growth Koala Sleep

(Project Lead ALP Digital Campaign, Harris Partners 2016)



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